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The Gifts Hidden in the Ten Commandments - 2nd Commandment

Dawn O'Hearn

by Rev. Jeff Hemmer

Gift giving is such an intrinsic part of the Creator's nature that even in His Law He intends to give gifts, gifts that can only be received in the keeping of His commandments. This article is continued from last month's Newsletter.

The Second Commandment - You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God.

What gift does God intend to give though the Second Commandment?     His Name

     He gives His name to you first in Holy Baptism. Like a mother writing a child's name in Sharpie on all of the things he will take to school, God marks you as His own, placing His triune name upon you in the waters of Holy Baptism. Suddenly, the otherwise terrifying holy name of God is given to you as a gift, to call upon in every trouble, pray, praise & give thanks.

     If you break the commandment, if you misuse this holy name, you miss out on the benefits that are yours through God's name: access to the Creator of the universe by name. It's direct access to God as only God the Son has access. It would be like the president of the United States giving you his cell hone number. If you call the White House, you can expect to leave a message that will get listened to by a low-level staffer, at best. But when little Malia Obama calls her father on his personal cell phone, you better believe he has time for that phone call. So God gives you access to Himself with His name. Why would you want to misuse that?

From A-Z Stewardship Resources Collection (LCMS) -- to be continued next month with more gifts from the commandments.