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Concordia Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas maintains a monthly blog covering a variety of Bible versus & topics.

The Gifts Hidden in the 10 Commandments - The 6th Commandment

Dawn O'Hearn

by Rev. Jeff Hemmer

     God gives us gifts, & not only at Christmastime - gifts that can only be received in the keeping of His commandments. This article is a continuation from previous blog posts.

The Sixth Commandment - You shall not commit adultery.

      And what gift does God intend to give with the Sixth Commandment?


     Given the sexually permissive nature of our society, this is the commandment everyone loves to hate. Why would God be such a prude? If it feels good, do it, right? It's my body; I can do what I want with it, you suppose.

     Marriage is a good gift. And it works best according to God's design. When He prohibits adultery, when He calls you to live a chaste & decent life, when He commands husband & wives to love & honor each other, it's because He wants to see your marriage be the best it can be. Cheating on your spouse, before or after your wedding date, in action or only in thought, with real people or just pixels on a computer screen, hurts your marriage. It makes the gift of a good marriage harder to receive. It's not because sex is sinful that God prohibits any sex outside of marriage, but because sex is a good gift with beautiful results (babies). ...Break the Sixth commandment & you're subject to a host of corruptions: STDs, divorce, broken hearts, broken families, addictions. Better simply to receive the gift as God intends to give it.

     From A-Z Stewardship Resources Collection (LCMS) - to be continued next month with more gifts from the commandments.