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Concordia Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas maintains a monthly blog covering a variety of Bible versus & topics.

The Gifts Hidden in the Ten Commandments - The 7th Commandment

Dawn O'Hearn

by Rev. Jeff Hemmer

     God gives us gifts, & not only at Christmastime - gifts that can only be received in the keeping of His commandments. This article is a continuation from previous blog posts.

The Seventh Commandment - You shall not steal.

      And what gift does God intend to give with the Seventh Commandment?

Your Neighbor's Stuff

     We pray for daily bread in the Lord's Prayer, & we confess that God gives it to all people, even to all evil people. The Seventh Commandment simply gives to us the responsibility of guarding all our neighbor's possessions & income. Even the daily bread He gives to us, He commands us to use for our neighbor's good. To keep the commandment not to steal confesses that we don't provide our own daily bread. It teaches our hearts to trust this simple, biblical truth. God gives stuff - daily bread - & intends to use you to protect these gifts for your neighbor.

From A-Z Stewardship Resources Collection (LCMS) - to be continued next month with more gifts from the commandments.