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POBLO Adds Converts As New Member to LCMS Congregations

Dawn O'Hearn

     Through POBLO (People of the Book Lutheran Outreach) missionaries, former Muslims, now Christians, are impacting local LCMS churches as new members. Serving at their new church home is important for them & for the church. For new believers, their involvement in Christian witness & service help them exercise their new faith & grow in it. For their home congregation, their witness & service is an inspiration for other. Baptized a few short weeks or months before, the zeal of these new members causes some "old members" to sit up & take notice.
     What do these new believers love about their church?
They find wonder in worship. Worship is special. It's not old hat, or yawning their way through the service. No, they are excited. They are thrilled. They want to be there. Worship is a wonder for them - to be accepted, welcomed, & forgiven by a loving heavenly Father! Wow! And so, worship is far from routine. It is their lifeline, & they love it.
     Secondly, they want to tell their story. They want to tell others Jesus' story, & what He has done for them. And so, they have a zeal for the lost, & especially for those still Muslim.
     Thirdly, they want to get involved. They want to serve & help in the church. They want to be part of "their" church, attending Bible study, helping & serving. And so they are also zealous volunteers. They are often asking, "What can I do?" This is "their" church, & they are making a difference in it.
     ...The beautiful thing about many of these converts is that they don't want to sit! They want to serve! And their zeal is making a difference in the life of the local churches. What a blessing!
     POBLO missionaries spend hours & hours meeting with people, sitting, talking, helping seekers, showing them the way, speaking the truth. Now, these converts are LCMS members who themselves are spending hours to love, serve & witness to others. They are impacting the local church. And that's the way it should be. Disciples making disciples making more disciples.

(received via e-mail, from "The POBLO Connection")