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4115 Blalock Rd.
Houston, Texas 77080

Welcome to Concordia Lutheran Church, a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.


The latest news at Concordia Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas.

YOUR HOME - 10/7/19

There was a sign seen on the LCMS website in the photo section that showed the picture of a church with this sign out in front: “Welcome to a place you can call home.” This is what Concordia Lutheran Church is - your home! As members of a family are concerned for each other, so our members are concerned for each other. So, in keeping with that thought, all members for whom we have an address will be receiving a letter from our Board of Elders, reaching out to members for any concerns they have or how they can be of assistance as a member of our congregation. Please be on the lookout for this letter, as it will be arriving in the next few weeks. We are truly thankful for our congregation that reaches out in love and concern to members and also out into the community.

Bible study UPDATE - 9/24/19

There will be NO Bible Study on Wednesday, September 25 or Wednesday, October 2. Class will resume on Wednesday, October 9 at 7:00pm


Thanks to our generous members, we were able to collect enough supplies to fill a whopping 55 backpacks for Orphan Grain Train! Again, thanks to everyone who contributed!


Sunday, August 18th is the last day to contribute to the school supply collection! This year the Women’s Club is inviting members to participate in Orphan Grain Train’s school kit assembly by purchasing any/all of the items listed below. Orphan Grain Train is a Christian organization which shares resources and brings Christ's name and character to needy people both far and near. Along with members’ support, we are grateful to also have financial support from Thrivent for this project.

  • Backpack

  • 70-sheet spiral notebooks of wide ruled or college ruled paper

  • Black or blue ballpoint pens (no gel ink)

  • Construction paper

  • Boxes of 24 crayons

  • Rulers, with inches on one side and centimeters on the other

  • Glue sticks

  • Blunt scissors (safety scissors with embedded steel blades work well)

  • Washable markers (8 or 10 pack)


As many of you know, Pastor Red invites everyone after church on Sundays to stay for fellowship with coffee and doughnuts, but there is always “cooler caffeine” available for those who prefer to not drink coffee—in other words—soft drinks. Now when you put your money in for a drink, know that any money that is profit from these sales is going toward purchasing grocery store gift cards for those who come to our church seeking aid. Along with these gift cards comes a note from the church telling of God’s gift to them—salvation through Christ— and an invite to worship. We continue to look for ways to spread the good news of our Savior!


Recently the White Oak Zone of LWML held a day retreat for members and guests, hosted by Concordia Lutheran Church. The Bible Study "God in the Mess, Journaling Under the Cross" was led by Deaconess Sarah Baughman. Following group discussions throughout the Bible Study, she gave a brief explanation on how keeping a daily journal can help you see God's work in our personal mess. Journals and Bible highlighters were distributed to all who attended. The ladies were each given a piece of pottery and a hammer. They were told to break it and then....they had to glue it back together with superglue with the final step being to fill in the cracks with Gold-leaf paint. This represented us being created whole, broken into a mess by sin, and made whole again by Christ's forgiveness. Angie Goeke, a very talented musician, led the singing throughout the day. Three Concordia members were present—Dorcus Coulter (White Oak Zone President), Kathy Proske, and Carol Richards.